The old Yorkville diner is still a favorite destination, but now in Michigan. This girl has many different names and has even made it on the big screen.

Remember the old Yorkville diner? Well, it is alive and well in Birch Run, Michigan on Hwy 83. It is now named 'The Comet Classic Diner and Creamery'.

Credit - Pj Mullen via Facebook
Credit - Pj Mullen via Facebook

PJ Mullen posted a memory about the former Yorkville Dinner in a private Facebook group about a week ago and it's still getting comments. We wanted to update you on how the old gal is doing. There's not much information about her but after much digging, talking with the current owner, and the Road Side Architecture, this is what we've come up with.

  • The diner was originally located in Yorkville, NY. It was damaged in a fire but confined to the kitchen in 1992. The diner was not re-opened and was ultimately sold to a Michigan businessman.
  • In 1993, after the move to Michigan, it operated as the Varsity Diner.
  • From 2004-2007, it operated as Ken's Diner.
  • In 2008, the diner was used to film "Whip It" were its movie name was 'The Oink Joint.' After the movie, the diner reopened under The Oink Joint name hoping to cash in the Hollywood connection.
  • In 2010, the diner became El Indio de Tijuana.
  • By 2014, the diner was vacant.
  • 2019 The Comet Classic Diner & Creamery

Jorge Garcia is the owner of The Comet Classic Diner & Creamery in Michigan, told us between 2014 and 2019, the dinner was 2 different Mexican restaurants and a Chinese restaurant.

Credit - Pj Mullen via Facebook
Credit - Pj Mullen via Facebook

PJ Mullen told us his wife Ruth was researching its travels:

On a trip up that way, we stayed at an RV campground right next door to it. It is on Hwy 83 in Birch Run, Michigan. It is close to a tourist town (German) called Frankenmuth, so we made it a point to find it. I wish it had been open because we both went there (before we met) often. She lived right in Yorkville and I lived in South Utica.

There are over 200 comments on the post like these:

Michael: My Grandmother was a waitress there for a million years.
Eric: Had breakfast there for years.
Bob: It was a great place to get a late-night snack.
Marlene: Gene, I can see the booth we sat in on one our first dates, It was a different color but the layout is the same-so cool! (Might be a road trip to Michigan in their future).
Donna: Our fav place after playing club monarch.
Brian: I remember sitting in that far back corner with my stepdad before I went on the walkathon I was 8 years old.
Hope: I was working there when it caught on fire...not while it was on fire...but one of the last waitresses....I was devastated...I loved that place.
Sharon: Sure wish it was still here. The food was awesome.
Katie: My first husband’s grandparents owned this place. Joe and Helen Zeglin. Glad to see it thriving!!
Tracy: Very cool!!! My Mom used to work there 💕❤️

The Michigan owner Garcia was excited to hear from us and is sending us some photos of the place. If you don't see them now, then be sure to check back. We'll add them as soon as we receive them.

Credit - The Comet Classic Diner & Creamery
Credit - The Comet Classic Diner & Creamer

Garcia says the Yorkville diner has gone retro and serves only homemade food.  Sounds delicious.

We are bringing retro back!! Classic diner food, scrumptious breakfast, mouth-watering burgers, killer sandwiches, and hand-dipped ice cream! [The Comet Classic Diner and Creamery]

What are your memories of the Yorkville Diner? Let us know in the comments below.

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