The poor frozen Oscar Mayer Wienermobile spins out of control and crashes on icy roads in Pennsylvania. No injuries were reported. Thank goodness the little pigs were safe in a blanket.

Tim Boyle/GettyImages
Tim Boyle/GettyImages

Sunday one of the Oscar Meyer Wienermobiles skidded off the icy road in Pennsylvania and crashed into a fork and knife. I mean pole. Who would eat a hot dog with a fork and knife.

There were 6 weinermobiles. Now there are 5.

Hey accidents happen. No one was hurt so the topic is wide open. Let the jokes begin. This will be my lame attempt.

  • The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile spins out in a frozen pile of mustard because it was relishing the idea of a toasty bun.
  • He was probably dog tired and trying to ketchup (from one of my Facebook friends)
  • Let's just be frank, the driver mustard been hot dogging... what a wiener (Tweet)
  • He's not going to relish that bun chewing his boss gives him!! (Tweet)
  • Poor little Oscar got a booboo?
  • Dogs on wheels. Not a good idea
  • Your full of bologna...A hot dog on wheels trying to ski?

That can't be Kosher with the Oscar Meyer Company. Well maybe it is because look at all the free publicity they are getting every time one of the weinermobiles gets burned. I know this was lame..Please accept my apology.

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