This is our new feature called ‘Obscure Song Monday.’ Each week we spotlight a song from the 70’s or 80’s that was a big hit on the charts, but over time, seemed to have been forgotten about.    This week's obscure song is "Maggie May" from Rod Stewart's 1971 debut album, "Every Picture Tells a Story."

The song was written about Stewart's first sexual experience with an older woman while attending the Beaulieu Jazz Festival in England in 1961. At the time, he was only 16 years-old.

According to, "Maggie May" was almost left off the "Every Picture" album because his record company said it didn't have a melody and wouldn't be a hit. To avoid releasing it as a single they released it as a "B- side" to "Reason to Believe". Radio stations liked "Maggie May" better so they started playing it instead.


"Maggie May" was Stewart's first big hit as a solo performer and launched his solo career. It remains one of his best-known songs peaking at #1 on October 2, 1971.


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