The sights, the sounds, the sawdust!!! The New York State Woodsman's Field Days are an exciting time in the north country. Welcome lumberjacks and Jill's.

The 68th New York State Woodsman's Field Days at the Boonville-Oneida County Fairgrounds is August 21-23. Here is a short list of activities and events you can expect to see this year.

  • Horse skidding exhibition
  • Educational forestry seminars
  • Beards contest
  • Tug of war and greased pole competition
  • Bobby Goodson from reality show "Swamp Loggers" on Discovery Channel
  • Lumberjack contests
  • Chainsaw carving demonstration
  • Jack and Jill crosscut
  • Ax throwing
  • Tree falling
  • Log chopping
  • Log rolling
  • Naming of the 2015 NYS Open Champion Woodsman

The Woodsmen's Field Days, a nonprofit organization, was founded by the Rev. Frank Reed in 1948. Due to the support of its many volunteers, (nearly 400) the Field Days have evolved into one of the predominant lumberjack contests in the United States today. Contestants come from as far away as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to compete in the lumberjack festivities, which are held the third weekend in August. In addition to the Woodsmen's contest on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, there are displays of various forestry related equipment, covering a wide variety of interests from the professional logger to the occasional firewood cutter.

The primary goals of the Woodsmen's Field Days are promotion of the forest industry in general, and in keeping with the intent of Rev. Reed, the lumberjack in particular, a vanishing breed of men. With these goals in mind we felt what better way to do so than establish a forum on the Information Super Highway (the World Wide Web in particular), there by making related information available to anyone, any time, any place.

Here is one of the contests that will be held at the Woodsman's Field Days

This pole is 35 feet tall, buried 5 feet deep into the ground. It's covered in 15 pounds of Crisco. Teams have 5 members. The team that makes it to the top the fastest wins.

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