Concerts are starting to get back to a little bit of normalcy. However, in some ways, things will be quite different than we're used to. Like for Bon Jovi.

Numerous artists are planning to hit the stages all over the country this summer. Many of those artists are actually making their way to Central New York. Matchbox 20 and the Dave Matthews Band to name just a few. Those artists will be live in person on the stage directly in front of you. Bon Jovi however, will be in front of you. Just not on stage in person.

This will be a follow-up to last year's Encore Drive-In Nights. If you didn't go to one of these or even didn't hear about it last year, this is the rundown. So basically you'll go to the fairgrounds in Syracuse and park alongside many other cars and it will be like going to see a movie almost. I know last year I did a similar thing, and from experience, It actually is a pretty cool thing.

First off, your ticket covers your car so fit as many people in as possible and enjoy the show. Unlike last year at least the vaccination is out now and you can safely with peace of mind actually gather a group together for this.

Bon Jovi actually is the one kicking off the series of concerts. His performance will be on May 22nd and the ticket per carload will be $68. If you are interested in tickets, click here. They go on sale this Thursday, April 29th at Noon. You can also find out more from CNY Central here.

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