If you live in CNY you will recognize the top supermarket in the new 2018 experience ratings survey.

The Temkin Group, by the way, is one of those companies that research customers satisfaction with everything that is used by anyone at any time. Then helps underperforming companies make necessary improvements so their customers will have an improved experience. The results for supermarkets earned some of the highest scores when it comes to customer satisfaction.

This year supermarkets earned some of the highest scores not only for supermarkets but the top ranking out of 318 companies across 20 industries. Who delivers the best in the supermarket category with a score of 86%. We should tell you that a score of 70% or above is considered good, a score of 80% is considered excellent, a score of 60 % or below is considered poor.

Now back to the results of this year's research. The number one company with 86% is Wegmans, number two is H-E-B with 83% and number three is Publix with 83%. Those of us that live in CNY will also recognize a couple more markets, Aldi with 82%, Trader Joe's with 81%, Hannaford at 72% and Whole Foods at 72%.

These ratings are generated from  10,000 U.S. surveys that have rated their recent experiences with companies across three dimensions, Success, effort, and emotion. The company then averages the three scores to produce each companies Temkin Experience Rating.

I can tell you that we didn't need an outside company to tell us that Wegmans is the Best of The Best.

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