If I said the word Tamagotchi how many people would say “Oh my God I remember that!”. Tamagotchi was probably one of the most successful toys out of the 1990's. It took until 2013 for an App to finally be released for it. You can now play with your old Tamagotchi with the all new Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. App. What's the cost of this app? Answer: free.

Tamagotchi is celebrating it's Sweet 16 anniversary. With this app you can relive the glory days of owning a cat for the day, feeding it too much fish, and watching it fly away. Of course there are some modern improvements in the Tamagotchi so you can play the same game, but in a different way. Let's face it, it's 2013 and it needed a face lift.



“The ‘Toy’ mode replicates the 16-bit black and white character pixels and all the familiar behavior and parenting tools of the original,” according to a press release. “The ‘app’ mode presents an updated version with the look, spirit and playability of the classic Tamagotchi game but adds color, higher resolution and allows fans to collect the growing virtual pets with the help of an illustrated guide that’s included.”

Just like when you were younger the heat is on to collect the most. The more Tamagotchis a player collects, the more of the many different Tamagotchi ‘shells’ and specially designed wallpaper s/he will receive. Best part, you don't have to share with friends on the bus!



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