The travel bans in Oneida and Madison counties have been lifted it remains in effect in Chenango County until 3pm. The original ban went until 8pm but emergency officials opened roads earlier.

All non-essential travel is banned on all county and local roads. This prohibition does not apply to:

• Vehicles engaged in snow removal, sanding, salting, clearing and towing operations or those traveling to or from their jobs in relation to these duties
• Medical personnel enroute to or from their offices or hospitals for the treatment of patients
• Public employees designated as essential personnel by their employers or contractors retained by the government to perform emergency related services
• Utility operators and repair personnel
• Volunteers or employees of non-profit organizations providing emergency help associated with disaster relief, recovery, and assistance at the Direction of or with the authorization of the Director of Emergency Management of Chenango County
• Employees of healthcare facilities (hospitals, nursing homes)
“This storm has dumped over three feet across large portions of our county and more snow is forecast,” Wilcox said. “We don’t believe the roads can be adequately cleared by tomorrow morning allowing for safe travel. As a result, extending the Travel Ban is necessary to ensure the safety of residents.”

The National Weather Service continues a Winter Storm Watch for Chenango County through 8 pm on Wednesday. An additional eight to 12 inches of snow is forecast through Wednesday, plus a substantial increase in winds causing blowing and drifting snow and near blizzard-like conditions.

“This storm has exceeded the previous one day record snowfall for Chenango County,” said Chenango County Emergency Management Director Matthew Beckwith. The previous record was 24.6 inches in 2011. “This is a dangerous storm and our job is to ensure the safety of the residents of Chenango County.”


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