Talk about a brand name committing suicide! Hawaiian Tropic will still be making tanning oil and sunscreen but will no longer be promoting their products with bikini clad girls contesting for the title of 'Miss Hawaiian Tropic' in pageants. The reason? Well this is what their spokeswoman, Danielle Duncan had to say:


“The bikini contest wasn’t resonating with our target female consumers... The modern Hawaiian Tropic woman still loves to spend time in the sun, but also understands the importance of sun care in helping to keep her skin healthy.”

Okay, my first thought as an American red-blooded male is how in the WORLD could bikini contests NOT help your product, ESPECIALLY if it's tanning oil?!? But secondly, since when are women repulsed by seeing other women in bikinis? My understanding was that all women have an appreciation for other women and many I know love watching the Miss Universe pageant, so why wouldn't they wanna watch the Miss Hawaiian Tropic one too? I dunno. I think they'll be looking for a new brand manager soon...

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