So here's something a little strange. In order to raise money for families of fallen police officers, one pretty young lady volunteered to wear a bikini—great!—and get shot in the back with a taser. Huh?

We really don't get much more context than that. The girl, whose name we don't even learn, seems to be enjoying herself at the start. Someone off-screen says, "Taser! Taser! Taser!" and then comes the part when she's injected with electricity. At that point she yelps, her body tenses up, and she falls forward, eased to the ground by the two men holding her during what we must assume was the main event of the evening.

A few moments later, while still on the ground, she raises her head and smiles, even as the prongs are removed from her back and butt.

"At least I know what it feels like now," she says. Hmm, this could be girlfriend material.

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