Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente announced during his daily COVID-19 press briefing Monday that Sylvan Beach will not be opening for Memorial Day weekend to the public.

When Governor Cuomo announced that in phase 1 some beaches would be open, he put the responsibility to maintain strict regulations on the local municipality. Given those circumstances, Picente and other local officials decided to not open the beach and restrict access to it.

A lot of activity usually takes place under normal circumstances. With the weather forecast to be nice this weekend, "people want to go out, people need to go out, we want them to go out." Picente urged not congregating in large groups, especially with strangers or people outside of your circle.

A conference call took place between Sheriff Rob Maciol, The Sylvan Beach Village Manager and Mayor, County Health Director Phyllis Ellis and the county attorney's office. Picente said "After discussion Sylvan Beach will not be open Memorial Day Weekend." No swimming will be allowed, limited parking will be available, no public restrooms will be open and picnic areas will be closed.

Picente discussed the difference between Verona and Delta State Park Beaches and Sylvan Beach. The regulations put in place by Governor Cuomo make it easy for state authorities to patrol and regulate those properties because of the limited entry points. For Sylvan Beach, local authorities would never be able to effectively manage regulations such as 50% capacity. There are so many points of entry to Sylvan Beach, Picente suggested it would be a logistical improbability.

Picente also released the latest COVID-19 numbers as he usually does. They are as follows.

15 New Positive Cases (775 Total)
0 Fatalities
27 Residents Locally Hospitalized, 6 Outside the County
MVHS (21)
Rome Memorial (6)
332 Active Cases
408 Recovered
6,154 Tested
890 Under Mandatory Quarantine
867 Under Precautionary Quarantine
6961 Released From Some Form Of Quarantine

Public exposures were also discussed and Picente said bluntly, "We are going to see this number rise." He added, "We will see many more of these, this emphasizes that this virus and it's carriers are all over the place." He segued that into another reminder for all people to wear masks in all public places and continue to use good hand hygiene. Always keep it with for all your latest COVID-19 updates and information.

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