Don't put away that snow shovel or snow blower just yet, another snowstorm is making its way through New York this week. is predicting another blast of cold snowy weather for the State of New York starting late Wednesday night into Thursday afternoon.

This storm is currently moving east from the upper parts of Canada and will sweep across much of New York State.

Cold weather and snow are expected in Western New York, Central New York, The Finger Lakes region, and upstate New York.

Areas near New York City will get a mix of rain and snow this week.

The latest snowstorm that just came through New York left some record-setting snowfall in areas of the State. In Buffalo, the old record was nearly tripled on Monday where just over 18 inches was reported at the Buffalo Airport.

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The good news is that this latest storm is not expected to bring as much snow as the previous snowstorm. We could see anywhere from dusting to less than a foot of snow in certain areas.

The biggest change will be the cold temperature and wind chills. We could see highs in the teens with the lows dropping into low single digits and even below zero. The wind chill could be in the negatives as well.

The cold weather will stay with us for a bit as well. The temperature will jump to the low 20s during the weekend but will be down into the upper teens to start next week.

The good news is that it looks like no snow is expected to start next week.

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