Schools in New York State can't open before September 1st and must also put in a full 180 days a year, but both of those requirements may soon come to an end.

Given the unpredictable nature of our weather, especially in relation to snow days it can be hard for schools to be in session for their allotted number of days. If a school puts in less days, they risk losing a portion of their yearly money from the state. Not only that but a school day doesn't count unless it's at least 5 hours long, so half days are essentially useless.

Lawmakers are endeavoring to solve both of these problems by allowing schools to start earlier than September if they chose to and also by nixing the 180-day rule and just counting progress in hours instead. This would also allow for longer recess and lunchtimes and parent-teacher conferences wouldn't have to be quite so rushed either.

As a former school teacher, I can already hear the collective sigh of relief from teachers all over the state, but also being a former kid, I'm sure shorter summers won't be equally as popular. We'll keep you updated as the closed-door conversation becomes more public and closer to actually happening.

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