While driving through the Adirondacks here in New York, have you ever seen The Pig Rock? This big pig rock has been making drivers smile since the early1960s.

For those that don't know, The Pig Rock is about six miles north of Speculator, on the east side of Route 30. Shockingly Pig Rock isn't naturally the color of a pig. Pig Rock is a large boulder painted grey, with an eyeball and snout.

According to Adirondack Experience, Pig Rock came to life sometime in the 1960s after the daughters of a Whitaker Lake resident painted the giant boulder that was created by NYS DOT during a road construction project that took place in 1955.

In 1991, the DOT wanted to demolish the Pig in order to widen the shoulder of the road. Protesters fought hard to keep this iconic roadside landmark. Today, Pig Rock stands tall, and keeps throwing off drivers on the road.

How Cute! There’s a Heart-Shaped Lake in the Adirondacks

Did you know that there's a heart-shaped lake nestled in the Adirondacks?

Okay, "Lake" is probably a strong word. According to Adirondack expert Bill Ingersoll, who has written several guide books on the Adirondacks and surrounding areas, the body of water is actually a small bog pond near North Creek, New York, better known as the home of Gore Mountain. You can find it on Google Maps by searching for "Bird Pond."

The Adirondacks continue to show why it's one of the most beautiful areas not only in New York, but in the entire United States. The term "hidden gem" gets thrown around a lot, but we can't deny that the Adirondacks is full of them.

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Stunning Photos Of Powerful Northern Lights In The Adirondacks

A solar storm hit Earth and brought with it a spectacular light show visible as far south as New York. In the Adirondacks, one photographer captured all of the magic. 

Meet Patrick Bly. He's the man responsible for these amazing photos of the Northern Lights in the Adirondacks. 

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