The Thousand Island region seems to be the place to spend summer for the rich and famous lately. A number of yachts have been seen sailing the St Lawrence River, including this $70 million luxury liner.

The superyacht called Majestic is owned by the chairman and majority owner of the Miami Marlins, Bruce Sherman. It was seen spending some time in Upstate New York. Louisa Rutherford captured it as it sailed by Boldt Castle.

Credit - Louisa Rutherford
Credit - Louisa Rutherford

The Majestic was originally built for Nancy Walton Laurie, the niece of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton. It was called Secret before being sold in 2010 to Sherman for $69 million.

The luxury liner can accommodate up to 14 guests and has a cinema, jacuzzi, and gym that gives you a spectacular view while working out. It takes a crew of 16 and up to $6 million to operate every year, which includes the million-dollar boat to tug it.

The Majestic was once available for charters but was taken off the market. Can you imagine how much it costs to rent for a week? More than most of us make in 10 years I'm sure.

If you think the outside is nice, wait until you see the inside.

MLB Owner's Majestic $70 Million Super Yacht Sails Through St Lawrence River

The St Lawrence River is a favorite place for the rich and famous, especially during the beautiful summer season. A MLB owner sailed his $70 million superyacht called the Majestic through the Thousand Islands. If you think the outside is nice, wait until you see the inside.

New Secret in Thousand Islands

This isn't the first yacht to sail through the Thousand Islands this summer. The New Secret yacht worth nearly $52 million has been seen on the St Lawrence River.

New Secret is the 227th largest yacht in the world, and the 14th-largest built by Amels. It's so big, that the back deck of the luxury vessel looks like it could fit an entire cottage.

Credit - Cyril Waugh via Facebook
Credit - Cyril Waugh via Facebook

Inside the Secret

Tim Heywood is behind the beautiful exterior. The owner's private modern art collection inspired the interior design that is drop-dead gorgeous. Take a step inside and see for yourself. The pictures and video above are stunning.

Inside Staggering $24 Million New Secret Yacht Seen in Thousand Islands

See inside the jaw-dropping $24 million Yacht called the 'New Secret' seen sailing around the Thousand Islands.

Andiamo in Sylvan Beach

A third luxury yacht was seen taking in the beauty New York has to offer. The 'Andiamo' was spotted in Sylvan Beach recently and she's a beauty too.

Credit - Justin McDermott
Credit - Justin McDermott

One of 17 Boats

The $16 million watercraft, which probably looks nicer than most homes on the inside, is just one of 17 the family owns. It's 22 feet wide by 110 feet long, with plenty of room to spend a summer living on the water.

Jeanne DeLong spoke with the engineer the last time the Palm Beach Andiamo made its way through Central New York. "He would not tell us who the owner was but said it’s something many people have in their homes. He talked to us for a while. Beautiful boat."

Pat Butler saw the gorgeous yacht this time and agrees with DeLong. "It was beautiful."

16 Million Dollar Yacht In Sylvan Beach

The Andiamo sailed through Sylvan Beach. According to the Captain and crew, she was coming from Florida and heading to Michigan.

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