It's been the show that has gotten the majority of people through the quarantine thus far. Tiger King, the Netflix series digging deep into the life of Joe Exotic and the role that he and others play in the exotic animal industry.

For those who have seen the show, you know that the majority of the plot focuses around Carole Baskin, Exotic's arch nemesis and founder of the 'Big Cat Rescue.'

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Something that viewers of the show have been constantly talking about is the disappearance of Don Lewis, Carole's husband. Joe Exotic accused Carole of murdering her husband and feeding him to the tigers. Since the series was filmed, the case regarding Don Lewis and his disappearance has yet to be solved, and was actually reopened for investigation.

People have asked the question. Did Carole Baskin kill her husband? And the majority of people believe yes, she is the one responsible (based on the information we got from the series.)

Uncle's Tavern in New York Mills has clearly seen the series as well. Outside their restaurant, they have a sign that asks the same question.

Credit: Uncle's Tavern
Credit: Uncle's Tavern

They posted the above photo on their Facebook page, with the caption: "Open 11-7 today. Get your Burger fix. Order on our website or call in. If ordering through grubhub use the link on our website to get there it’ll save us some commission fees. Don’t forget to Honk if you think Carole Baskin killed her husband 🐅 🐯 👑."

If you're asking us, then *honk honk.*


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