It's iconic and you can't deny that. Uncle's Tavern in New York Mills has been a staple in the Utica area for over 70 years and run by the same family for over 45 years. That's why it’s bitter sweet to hear the news.

The building and property that was once home to Uncle's delicious burgers and beer taps went up for sale and is now pending, according to their Facebook page.

My friend and real estate agent Virginia Franco of Coldwell Banker Faith was able to market it correctly and bring me an offer within a week of listing it. Trying to keep it a secret while the buyers were in and out and home inspections and what not was a challenge. You want to find the right words to announce. So here we are.

One thing is clear within the message: a new brand will be occupying that space and Uncle's Tavern is no more.

There are some things I will say and there are some things that will remain private until later and ask that people respect that. Uncles Tavern will close and there will be a new brand in the building. I will not say or address any questions regarding their brand because it’s just that (their brand, their business) so please don’t bother asking.

As we learn more about what business will be moving in, we will keep you updated. You can read the announcement posted on their Facebook page.

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