Well, this must have been terrifying. A  man is lucky to be alive after being struck by lightning in front of his home Sunday night.

While heavy thunderstorms rolled through the metropolitan area Sunday night, Jonathan Borriello went outside to get a better look at the approaching storm, according to ABC. While outside, Borriello went to take down an American flag that was getting soaked, as lightning struck a nearby tree.

ABC says the bolt reflected off the tree and hit the 29-year-old man, knocking him back about two or three feet into the house.

Afterwards my whole body was on fire and I literally lost control completely of my whole body, I was almost convulsing, it was an intense moment.

Borriello was able to knock on the door to get his sister's attention. ABC says she called 911 as he was soon taken to the hospital and treated with non-life-threatening injuries. He was treated and released, though says he's still shaken up by the ordeal.

The National Weather Service says the odds of getting struck by lightning are about 1 in 1,222,000.

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