A U.S. District Court Judge out of Utica has extended the hold on New York State mandating COVID vaccines for healthcare workers. These workers have raised religious exemptions.

According to CNY Central, Judge David Hurd extended his temporary restraining order to October 12th. With that extension, he also cancelled a scheduled in-person hearing scheduled for Tuesday, September 28th.

That is the day after New York State's vaccine order takes effect for hospital and nursing home workers. Instead, the U.S. District Court in Utica will accept written arguments on which the judge will base his decision no later than October 12th."

Since the New York State mandate was put in place regarding the coronavirus vaccine for healthcare workers, over 17 health professionals (including doctors and nurses) claimed that their Constitutional rights were violated with a mandate that disallowed religious exemptions.

Plaintiffs, represented by religious based organization called the Thomas More Society, claimed the vaccine mandate violates their rights because it does not allow for religious exemptions.

This order from the court does not invalidate New York States vaccine mandate for hospital and nursing home workers who have not requested a religious exemption.

Also according to CNY Central, hospitals in the Syracuse area have stated ten to twenty percent of their workforce remains unvaccinated. Some employees have resigned over the mandate. Others have been told they will be terminated as if they have resigned if they do not comply with the state mandate.

The maternity department at the Lewis County Health System Hospital had to "put a pause on births" as over 30 health care workers have resigned due to the vaccine mandate. These workers were in clinical positions like nurses, therapists and technicians, totaling 70% of the resignations so far.

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