First of all imagine being a mother of sextuplets, six babies born at the same time. Then someone adds seven more to the fold and you have quintuplets. So goes the story of a New York Conservation Officers and two separate duck rescues on the same day.

Officer Chris DeRose's day started with a call from a woman who was walking her dog and chirping coming from a storm drain. Which isn't the first time officers had to rescue ducklings from a storm drain. After getting assistance to remove the grate, Officer DeRose found seven babies inside. With no adult duck around, he rounded them up and headed for a wildlife rehabilitator to raise them. A second call would change the officer's plan.

The second call concerned a mother duck and six babies trapped in an empty in-ground pool. Officer DeRose conferred with the rehabilitator and headed to "scene two" together with the seven  ducklings. They found the mother and her baby ducklings were about the same age as the previous ones. Pardon the pun, but they "hatched" a plan to combine them all into one large family. Capturing the mother and her babies they headed to a nearby lake to see if they could unite them into one family.

As the video below shows, mamma accepted the orphans as her own and all 14 swam away.

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