Just like you, I am very excited that many of the local restaurants have reopened for outdoor and indoor seating at a limited capacity. I've already made my appointments to get my hair cut, my eyebrows waxed and my nails done. For months, we've been cooped up inside eager to get back out.

While I can totally relate to the excitement, I think it's important to put a reminder out there. It's still a challenging time for a lot of places. There's a lot of rules and regulations so these spots an stay open to serve us they way they hope to. Many have worked long hours to ensure that they can reopen under even stricter guidelines than ever before.

When dining, your host/hostess/waiter/waitress/kitchen staff is doing the best they can. When getting your nails done, your techs are doing the best that they can. When getting your hair done, your stylists are doing the best they can.

Sanitation measures are different than they have ever been before. Many will constantly need to wear masks and gloves, which for many (as I'm sure you might know) is quite uncomfortable. Policies are different in every industry.

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It might take a little bit longer for your food or drinks to come out. It might take a little bit longer for you to be seated. Your nail appointment or hair appointment might take longer than usual. This is all simply due to a new work environment and new rules and regulations that employees have to get used to.

Please be patient. Places will have their flaws as they navigate through this.

As we continue the phased reopening process, think: where can I practice patience more? In your homes, with your family who might be getting on your nerves? You've been stuck home with them for what seems like forever. I get it. But at the end of the day, we are all going through the same situation.

Patience is a virtue for a reason after all is said and done.

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