Lots to do on New Year's Eve.  Lots of bands, plenty of entertainment to help you ring in the new year.  But what about the kids? Here's our ideas on how to have family fun on New Years. Enjoy our family fun ideas!

If your kids are anything like mine, they are just as excited about welcoming the new year as you are.  Just like you, the kids want to have fun, so why not have a party at your house?  Oh yeah, did you forget that kids love to party just as much as you do?  Sans booze of course.

Plan A Party For The Kids

Have a party for the whole family, complete with hors' douvres!  Chips, dip, crackers, cheese tray, veggie tray with ranch dressing (don't kids love those?), cookies (You must have some leftover from Christmas), or whatever your heart, and their's, desires.

Play Some Games

Monopoly is an old classic if  your kids are old enough.  Charades is always fun and kids love it.  Pictionary, Jenga, Yahtzee!, Apples to Oranges, etc.  We also like to get out the video games and play some things as a family.  I especially like Mario Kart!

A Special Countdown To New Year's

If your kids can't make it to midnight, do a countdown to 10:00 or earlier, then they can go to bed after.  The fun part is counting down to something new and exciting.  Oh, I almost forgot, you can purchase some New Year's party favors or you can make your own.  Places like the dollar stores or Party City have these favors readily available.

After all, the holidays are about spending time with family, right?  Your kids are your family, plus it's much safer in the confines of your own warm house.  Happy New Year Everyone!