Chicago has gone and put out a Christmas release far ahead of the holidays to get us into the spirit, the Doors and Nightranger have new DVD's and Peter Gabriel has a HUGE (Yup, Fuccillo Huge) box set out as of yesterday. Here's a summary of these four efforts and check the balances in your bank accounts because you're gonna wanna get your hands on these!

A quarter of a century later and the album that is regarded as Peter Gabriel's best has been reincarnated in this day-old box set Plunk down $100 and you'll get to immerse yourself in 4 CD's, a 60-page book, 2 DVD's and 2 vinyl LP's. Among the CD's is the remastered original album, 2 discs worth of live audio from the 1987 Athens show, and a 'DNA' disc that chonicles the the birth of each song through it's recording. The DVD's are the same Athens '87 show for your eyes instead remastered from the negatives in Dolby 5.1 like the Doors show. You also get a Documentary Coffee table book with more behind the scenes goodies and two record albums, one of the album as you remember it and another with Peter's preferred track listing including two previously unreleased tracks. All audio is also available for free in downloadable format too, so sounds like a lot of bang for your buck and if you call yourself a Peter Gabriel fan, this box set is a must-have!

Not to be confused with last year's release of the same name, this one has all 14 tracks from the 2011 album plus another disc with 10 more songs. This is their third Christmas effort to date and includes Dolly Parton, America, Steve Cropper, and BeBe Winans as guests and was produced by Phil Ramone who is considered one of the most respected and prolific music producers in the recording industry working with the likes of Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, Madonna, Elton John, Paul McCartney to name a few.

If you'd like to join the Doors for what is widely considered their greatest show ever captured on film, then now's your chance. Technology can help you feel as if you were there as it's been remastered from the original negatives and the audio has been remixed in Dolby 5.1 surround for Blu-Ray. There are also three previously unreleased tracks from previous releases of the show including 'Hello I Love You' which we play on Oldiez 96 frequently.

Celebrating 30 years since their debut album, The band that captured the sound of the 80's is at it again but this time in an acoustic 'unplugged' show with new arrangements of many of their hits including 'Sister Christian'. The band grabbed a select few loyal fans and put on this show for them while capturing it on film for us to see afterwards. For the price of less than a typical CD, you get the Live DVD show and an audio CD of the same tracks to help you recall the visuals in your mind. I saw these guys last summer in a non-intimate setting and THAT was nuts so I can only imagine how electric this'll be to see up cose and personal!