If you were hoping to hear some never released songs from Jimi Hendrix you are in luck. There is a song called "Somewhere" that was released by Hendrix just last night (1/9). Also get this, it's all part of a new album called "People, Hell and Angels" that will be released on March 5th.

This is an album of previously unreleased songs from Hendrix. Are you excited? I know we are. This song will take you back to the amazing sounds of Jimi Hendrix.

So what can we expect from "Somewhere"? We can expect a sound we haven't heard in a few decades. Our friends over at Ultimate Classic Rock had this to say:

Originally released in a different version on the 2000 box set ‘The Jimi Hendrix Experience,’ the track features Buddy Miles on drums and Stephen Stills on bass. It comprises many of the signature elements of the trademark Hendrix sound, with clean, funky chording, wah-wah solos and his inimitable conversational vocal style, all topped off with the kind of bizarre stream-of-consciousness lyrical imagery that characterized much of the legendary guitarist’s work."

Get ready to be blown away, Introducing “Somerwhere” from Jimi Hendrix:


I know I will be first in line to pick this album up on March 5th. Amazon is offering a pre-order for $11.88 for the CD, and $23 for the vinyl. Totally worth every buck after listening to that track.

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