Friendly's decided all of us here in the northeast deserved a special flavor all our own. Hence the birth of Nor'Easter Pothole. This is a very limited edition flavor for the customers in the northeast and not available in mass distribution. Especially this year with three nor'easter storms in three weeks and looking at the possibilities of a fourth coming this way.

Friendly's Ice Cream is based out of Springfield, Massachusetts and they are keenly aware of the winters that we deal with year in and year out. The Nor'Easter Pothole ice cream is made with chocolate ice cream that has a fudge swirl, along with crushed chocolate creme cookies and chocolate chips.

Check with your local Friendly's as this flavor is not expected to be on the shelves very long. I have already checked with our local Friendly's and Price Chopper as well and no luck so far.

Kudos to Friendly's for making a flavor especially for all of us here in the northeast part of the country.

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