UPDATE: 09/26/2014 1411 Although officially still on lockdown, New Hartford schools will dismiss on schedule, with strict security measures in place.  All students will exit from one location in their respective buildings.  After school activities and after school programs, in New Hartford, Utica, and New York Mills are cancelled.

Photo Credit: Utica Police Department
Photo Credit: Utica Police Department

The New Hartford High School football game is being postponed.  A new date has not yet been set.

Schools in New York Mills are being dismissed on time under a policy of "protective dismissal."

UPDATE: 09/26/2014 13:21 Although New Hartford and Notre Dame are still on lockdown, the New Hartford schools may dismiss on time.  A decision will not be announced until after 2:00pm, unless the suspect is caught prior to then.

UPDATE: 09/26/2014 12:23 The lockdown in Utica has been lifted.  Notre Dame schools and the New Hartford Central School District, however, remain on lockdown.

The Utica City School District, New Hartford Central School District, along with Notre Dame Elementary and Junior / Senior High Schools are all on lockdown after a robbery at the GPO Federal Credit Union.

The New York Mills Central School District is also on lockdown.

UPDATE: 09/26/2014 1206pm   Although WIBX has heard from at least one parent who says that a family member was able to pick up a student, school officials have told us that no one is allowed into or out of any school building until the situation has been resolved.

UPDATE: 09/26/2014 11:41am Utica Police are releasing a surveillance photo of the suspect.  They say that they believe that the suspect is a man dressed as a woman.  He fled the scene on a bicycle and rode up Higby Road.

We have enlarged the photo here in an effort to get a closeup:

Photo Credit: Utica Police Department (Note: original photo altered to show closeup of suspect)
Photo Credit: Utica Police Department (Note: original photo altered to show closeup of suspect)

The suspect threatened the teller with a handgun.  At the time of the incident the suspect was wearing light-colored pants, a leather-type coat, a wig, sunglasses, dark gloves, and a purple handbag.

Anyone with information is being asked to call police at: (315) 223.3510.

UPDATE: 09/26/2014 11:31 am  Utica School Superintendent Bruce Karam says he is now locking down all of the Utica schools as a precautionary measure because, he says, "Safety comes before all else."

Original Story:


Police are searching for a suspect in a robbery at the GPO Federal Credit Union in South Utica.  It took place at approximately 9:49am this morning at the bank located at 2711 Genesee Street in Utica.

Allen Hyde, the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum for the New Hartford Central School District, says that this is a precautionary measure and that the lockdown is "...to promote a high level of safety within New Hartford and within our schools."

He says that no decision has yet been made on after school activities.  They will continue to monitor the situation and make a decision on that as the day progresses.

There is no word yet on whether any other schools, particularly Hugh Jones in Utica, are planning to go on lockdown as well.



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