July 26, 2015, the eagle atop the World War II monument at Veterans Park in the Village of New York Mills was stolen. Now, just in time for Memorial Day a new eagle has been dedicated in New York Mills.

New York Mills had a population of about 3,500 when more than 850 people were sent fight in WWII.

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The original eagle (pictured to the left) was perched on the monument in Veterans Memorial Park for 74 years before it's theft in 2015.



The new eagle looks very proud and powerful honoring an important piece of New York Mills history. On Memorial Day, 2016, the eagle monument was rededicated to acknowledge those who served, and remember their fallen comrades.

Mayor John Bialek of New York Mills said:

New York Mills had a lot of support from Albany to Buffalo with all types of groups, police and fire departments in acquiring the new eagle for the top of the monument. Back in 1945, just after the end of WWII, fundraising started and took four years before the community had enough money to purchase the six sided memorial with bronze plaques. The five sides honor those who served in the war from New York Mills, and the front plaque is in rememberence of those [from New York Mills] who lost their lives in the war.  At that time, the cost of the monument was $6,000, if you translate that into today’s dollars, it’s 79,753.00. It was a huge commitment for this community.

The monument is an impressive reminder of the community's military service in New York Mills.

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