Some customers were bummed to find out a few of their favorite menu items are no longer available at Dunkin'. 

10% of the Dunkin' Donuts menu is gone for the sake of speedier service. The revamped menu eliminates difficult to make food items as well as beverages to help Franchisees owners.

No longer on the Dunkin' menu are:

  • Smoothies
  • Peach, caramel and mocha flavor coffee shots
  • Afternoon sandwiches including turkey, cheddar and bacon, ham and cheddar, tuna and chicken salad
  • Big N’ Toasted
  • Angus steak and egg breakfast sandwiches
  • Flatbread items
  • Various muffins
  • Certain optional cream cheese combinations

Also removed are artificial dyes previously added to their doughnuts. So are you happy with a faster, streamline menu? I'm going to miss the grilled cheese sandwichs the most.

Bonus Video:

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