Great American may not have enough stock to stay open much longer.

The West Winfield grocery store shelves are starting to look like 'Old Mother Hubbard's,' as the supply is dwindling quickly. Some grocery and pharmacy items have been taken to the Sidney Great American. What you see left in the meat case is it. That's all there is.

The last official day the Great American store was supposed to be open in West Winfield was February 28th, but Steve Chapple, General Manager, says they'll be closing February 23 instead, and it could be sooner if there's nothing left to sell.

The Eagle previously reported the West Winfield Great American store was sold through a real estate broker, and there is currently a confidentiality agreement in effect until the closing says Brian, a spokesperson from B-K Five. He said the 15 employees were aware that it was for sale and when asked about Dollar General opening there he said he didn't know if the new owners will sell or lease the property to them or not. Brian said they bought the store seven years ago with intentions of keeping it forever in the West Winfield Community.

Chapple says:

All 15 employees are actively searching for employment.

We reached out to the West Winfield Mayor Andy Bryce for a statement, but we didn't hear back by the time we published this story.

B-K Five also owns the Great American in Sidney, and there are no plans for closing or selling that store.

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