Even though they have dropped a little bit, Wegmans retains a stop very close to the top of the heap nationwide.

Now, let's be fair first and foremost. Wegmans was at the number 3 on this list last year and are now number 4. If I was an owner of a company, of course, you're going to strive to be number one, but number 4 isn't bad at all! Leading the top of the pack for the United States is Cisco, followed by Salesforce at number 2, and Hilton at number 3 according to Fortune.

Last year I went to Wegmans for the first time, but I only bought a 12-pack of beer so I can't really judge much on that experience. Fast forward to 2021, this past Sunday I took a ride out to Fayetteville to see what the hype was really all about. Being that I loved cooking and wanted to make a very nice Ragu Bianco, I figured it was the perfect time to get the full experience. Man, it was certainly that.

I will say, I can easily see why Wegmans ranks so high on Fortune's list. They have absolutely anything you can possibly imagine and the cafe portion is incredible. I will say I couldn't find pappardelle pasta. That was a bummer.

I wish there was one either closer to the Utica area or in the Utica area, to begin with. I've heard there is some type of agreement with a competing grocery store, but I can't confirm that. Where would be the best place in the area if Wegmans decided to venture east in NY to call home? Is there a vacant lot anywhere that can accommodate them?

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