Have you heard of First-N-Ten? If you like Kan Jam or Corn Hole then your gonna love this! It's a football type game from a football town. 

Michael Wolf from North Tonawanda has had many invention ideas over the years, but this particular game had his wife Jean excited. You see, Jean sent Michael to the grocery store, and for some reason, the end goal football display caught his attention. It came to him all at once, how to play the game, how to score points, how to win, the rules, everything. Needless to say, the groceries were forgotten.

First-N-Ten is portable at 7.5 lbs, can be played inside or out, all ages can participate, can be used in tournaments, the sky's the limit with this game.

To play you need two teams of 2 to face off on the first and 10. The first team with 21 points wins.

  • 1 point - hitting the yellow upright
  • 3 points - get the disc through uprights like a field goal
  • 5 points - ring one end
  • You win if you ring both uprights in the same turn
  • Deflection also puts points on the scoreboard

This game has made its way to Hawaii, Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, and it even went overseas with some soldiers to South Korea. Score yours at First-N-Ten.com. It's not just for football anymore.

North Tonawanda must be home to creative thinkers. That's where Kan Jam was invented too.


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