Kids in central New York are getting a lot more new sneakers thanks to an NBA star. But they have to beat one Syracuse cop on the court first.

L.A. Laker Rajon Rondo sent 25 pairs of sneakers, through his foundation, to Officer Brandon Hanks after hearing about his challenge. "The neighborhood definitely appreciates this," Hanks shared on Facebook.

"We are always willing to provide support to people who are willing to use their time, talent and treasure to make this world a better place," the Rajon Rondo Foundation said in a statement.

For several months, Hanks has been challenging neighborhood kids on the court - one on one. They score first, Hanks buys new sneakers. He scores first, the kids give 20 push ups. It's Hanks way of getting involved in his community, interacting with kids and being a positive role model.

Last week Hanks undefeated record came to end thanks to 7-year-old Josiah. As promised, he bought him new sneakers. "The smile on his face will stick with me forever," says Hanks.

Photo Credit - Syracuse Police Department
Photo Credit - Syracuse Police Department

The Challenge is getting lots of local support too. Syracuse District Attorney William Fitzpatrick has offered to buy the sneakers for the next winner. "I told him he don't gotta worry about paying a thing," said Hanks. "That's the only L I'm taking."

Anyone 16 years of age or younger wanting to take Hanks on can tag him on Facebook.

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