I love watching football just like the next guy. My favorite part has to be the food. I'm a Jets fan so I can't really enjoy the team very much this season. However, I may love football but I would confess to a crime in order to watch the big game. A guy named Nathan in San Francisco pleaded guilty to murder so he could get back to his cell to watch Monday Night Football. 

Nathan Burris chose not to defend himself against murder charges and did everything he could to get the cross-examination process over as quickly as possible so he could get back to the Eagles-Saints game.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Burris’ priority was not defending himself against murder charges but instead getting the cross-examination over with in time to watch Monday Night Football. Burris reportedly “snapped his fingers” and asked that the jury find him guilty quickly”

The alleged murders happened in 2009, so it has taken several years to sort out the mess. While Monday Night Football is awesome, its not that awesome.



[via LarryBrownSports]