The women who host cooking shows fall into two distinct camps – there’s the lumpy grandmother types like the Barefoot Contessa and the hot sex kittens like Giada De Laurentiis. Nadia G is the latter.

The host of ‘Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen’ on the Cooking Channel has attitude to spare. Born in Canada, Nadia Giosa started out running a web design and branding studio until she realized that her true talents lay in front of the camera. She first did Bitchin’ Kitchen as a Web series, but it quickly snowballed into a cultural juggernaut.

What makes Nadia fun to watch is that she’s a little rawer than the other TV chefs – sure, her recipes are kitchen-tested and delicious (we’ve made her pizza), but her presentation is interspersed with comedy sketches, funny cut-ins and more. Funny girls are always hot, and funny girls who can cook? Sold.