We're guessing the folks at 'Mythbusters' watch a lot of AMC, but then again, who doesn't? After previously hosting an episode to feature various myths based on 'Breaking Bad,' 'Mythbusters' is preparing to bust some zombies by testing various aspects of zombie pop culture, 'The Walking Dead' style! Series star Michael Rooker will make a guest appearance in the zombified hour as well, hopefully keeping both his hands in tact, so check out the latest from 'Mythbusters' zombie special inside!

If you're going to test the various myths surrounding zombies, you're going to want to make sure you have someone with a background in bashing their brains. Entertainment Weekly has announced that 'The Walking Dead's own Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) will take part in 'Mythbusters' upcoming zombie-themed episode, set to air as part of the show's tenth season.

‘Mythbusters’ stars Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman will put to the test various zombie-related myths, one of which will be testing what weapon would best put down a walker. Merle tends to prefer the stump and bayonet approach, but hopefully the two-handed Michael Rooker has some better ideas in mind. The long-running Discovery series even put out an all points bulletin for several hundred volunteers to play zombies across the hour, which begins shooting this week.

Between zombies and the 'Breaking Bad' episode scheduled for the spring 2013 season, AMC, maybe we'll be able to test just how many scotches should have killed Don Draper next. Tell us if you'll tune in to see Michael Rooker join the 'Mythbusters' zombie episode in the comments!

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