Remember that ancient website called Myspace? No we aren't talking about Facebook, we are talking about the Facebook before Facebook. Myspace misses EVERYONE. They are so desperate for you to even acknowledge their existence in 2014 by emailing you embarrassing photos. 

Maybe Myspace is taking a lesson out of Facebook/Twitter by doing a Throwback Thursday, or #TBT. Could you imagine if Myspace had hashtags? Maybe it invented them! However, I will say their latest attempt is semi clever:

The company has come up with a clever strategy to rehash all those old photos stored on the site that users have long forgotten about.

The email being sent to former users reads something like – “The good, the rad and the what you were thinking….” plus a link to your old user profile.

It is Myspace’s mission to re-engage users in the hope that people will return to the struggling social media site."

There is no, way...I mean NO WAY that this site will even get close to what it was in it's glory days. Just like how Google has become a verb in our society, Facebook and Twitter are just about there.

Myspace is like looking at a ancient civilization. There's a reason mankind has advanced and doesn't live in the jungle anymore. Using Myspace would be like taking the Oregon Trail on a wagon in 2014 instead of taking a plane from New York to LA.