A Muslim American cab driver says he had his jaw broken by a drunken aviation executive who compared him to the 9/11 terrorists.

Mohamed Salim is a 39-year-old Army reservist who drives a cab in Virginia. Salim says his passenger started to question his religion, jihad and ultimately threatened, then punched him.

The alleged attacker, Ed Dahlberg, president of Emerald Aviation, is seen on the cabby's cell phone video recording throwing the 'F' bomb around, but the video does not appear to show definitive evidence of a punch, although Salim is heard repeatedly asking ''You're punching me now?''

Dahlberg released a statement apologizing for offending anyone and denying that he assaulted the cabby - who, by the way, got a little emotional talking about how he was treated after risking his life while serving in Iraq for the US.

Some are suggesting that Dahlberg be charged with a hate crime for the apparent motivation of the alleged assault.