Don't you wish you could have more than just popcorn and candy at the movie theater? A new Syracuse film watching venue allows you to order dinner, and cocktails while watching the newest releases. You'll also sit comfortably in their 'luxurious' chairs. This experience combines the love of going to see a movie, with watching one in the comfort of your living room. It's called Movie Tavern Syracuse, and you need to get there.

This unique movie-going experience just arrived in Camillus, NY. It is worth the drive no matter where you live. They describe what you will encounter at The Movie Tavern on their website stating,

Movies. Meals. Margaritas. These are all things you may be familiar with, but get ready to be re-acquainted. Because Movie Tavern is revolutionizing the way America experiences eating, drinking and cinema. We’re doing it by providing a robust, in-theater dining service featuring chef-driven menus, premium quality food and drink and luxurious seating that completely transforms your movie going experience.

The dining option is just like one of a restaurant. You have a waitress who will take your order, refill your drink, and with a simple touch of a button you can request their services.

Not only do they show most of the newly released films, but on Tuesdays and Wednesdays show older films. Birthdays, speedy date nights, or with the kids, no matter what the occasion you won't want to watch the movies any other way. The Movie Tavern Syracuse is located at 180 Township Boulevard Camillus, NY 13031. Make your next night out a little more exciting.

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