I've had alcohol on the brain lately. Things have been hard, and there's nothing like a glass of wine after a long day. The nice weather combined with the fact I'm cooped up at home has actually had me thinking about wine slushies. YUM - they are my favorite thing to drink when the sun is out. But I only have White Claws and other seltzer drinks at home.

I was scrolling on Facebook and I saw a post from Babe's At Harbor Point. It's like they heard my call and it's the perfect mix of what's been on my mind and in my fridge.

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Going on tomorrow, you can get White Claw Slushies from Babe's in their Friday Drive-Thru! Available in Mango and Black Cherry flavors, all you have to do to get them is order food from Babe's and you can get 16 oz of the mixture for $8.

Did I mention that each drink has an additional two shots of Vodka? And that there's additional fruit blended in to make it more delicious than the White Claws alone?

I'm loving the fact that Babe's at Harbor Point is locally owned, so I'm happy to go there to support the business.

Need to figure out what to order tomorrow to go along with the wine slushies? They have their Fish Fry, their Chicken Parmigiana and their Chicken Riggies as part of the drive-thru as well! They also have a family style menu so you can feed everyone.

I know what my dinner plans for tomorrow night entail! 😋


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