Results are in from a recent survey from a British coupon site and I personally was not too surprised by the results, however, I felt pretty good knowing that I personally, am an exception to this survey…or not considered to be “average” in this respect.  The survey says that the average person spends $2,006 per year.  The survey indicates that men definitely eat more takeout than women.  But wait, takeout is not necessarily fast food, so it’s not the greasy burgers or tacos all the time, it’s any restaurant that offers takeout or curbside service.  You’ve seen these places.  You pull up thinking you have a great parking spot only to find out the spaces are reserved for curbside pickup!  Grrrr!!!    Guys have 151 meals a year, compared to 126 for ladies.  Half of people between ages 25 and 35 say they don't have the time to cook at home . . . and they don't really want to.  That's why they spend $4,000 a year on takeout . . . twice as much as people over 45.  Chinese food is the most popular choice for takeout . . . one in four people named it as their favorite.  Since my lunch hour is actually a lunch half hour, I really don’t have time to get takeout…and eat it too.  This is probably a good thing; otherwise I would be as big as a house.  Where are some of your favorite places to get takeout?  With about a billion pizza joints in the Greater Utica area, I’m sure it’s the most popular takeout in this area.

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