The ocean can be a scary place, especially on a dirt bike! Yes, that's right I said dirt bike. Australian motorbike stunt rider, Robbie Madison, cheated death when he rode his bike on a wave in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Tahiti. In an interview with Surfer Magazine, Madison talks about the experience of literally riding the wave.

I honestly thought that might be the end of my life. I’ve never felt like I was in the wrong place at the wrong time more than I did right there. It was a near-death experience. At the end of the day, the images and footage say something pretty awesome, but the ferocity and how gnarly that thing was can’t really be put into words.

The stunt was done as a promotion for his shoe line with DC Shoes and this is not the first time he's done something crazy like this. In the past he has back-flipped over the Tower Bridge in London, jumped the Corinth Canal in Greece, and he acted as stunt double for Daniel Craig the James Bond movies. I think this dude can officially be given the title of badass!

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