Okay, so there's an unspoken trend on the internet that really needs to be addressed.

It's the fad of solving a Rubik's Cube under less than ideal circumstances.

We've seen a juggler on a unicycle, a breakdancer, a one-handed wunderkind and a magician, but they all may pale in comparison to this daredevil.

This is a guy who defies odds (and gravity) to solve a Rubik's Cube while skydiving. That's the ultimate in multi-tasking, wouldn't you say?

We have trouble opening the bag of tiny pretzels airlines hand out while we're strapped in our seats on the plane and this guy is busy keeping with some physically and mentally challenging pastimes, so in addition to skydiving and solving a Rubik's Cube, he's also completed the unanticipated task of making us feel badly about ourselves.

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