Treating mom out to dinner or giving her flowers are perfectly acceptable gifts but if you did that last year or just don't wanna be unpredictable, here are 4 different 'outside the box' ideas for the Utica area. You're sure to find one that'll help you make your mom feel special especially considering all of the stuff you put her through as a kid (or STILL put her through, haha).


Jemal Countess/Getty Images
Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Mother’s play an important role not only in humans’ lives, but in animals as well and for this the Utica Zoo welcomes all mothers to enjoy the special day at a special place. On Sunday, May 12th, the Utica Zoo celebrates Mother’s Day with FREE admission for mothers courtesy of Gates-Cole Insurance.

Why take mom out to eat at a restaurant when you can eat in your backyard? This class is $49 and you can have fun learning the art of feasting free on wild edibles! Through a series of slide shows, presentations and local nature walks you can learn to locate and prepare delicious and nutritious wild foods gathered free from Mother Nature's gardens! In this class, you will learn more about what nature has to offer during the springtime! This class involves some traveling and walking through local natural areas.

Treat your mother to an extra special Mother's Day this year, with a buy one get one half off massage special! Give your mom twice as much love this year, or spend the day with her and both of your get massages!

Get ready for spring! They are offering Monday evening classes in Yoga, Zumba and a fitness Boot Camp. So if mom loves to work out but just can't take the time cause she's busy with her motherly calling, treat her out to one of these cutting edge classes. Depending on the type, drop anywhere between $35-$90 to make mom's day for not just Mother's day, but for several weeks in a row!

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