A Central New York mother is facing endangering the welfare of a child charges after NSFW video shows her cheering on her teenage daughter in a fight.

It happened July 30th at a bowling alley on Brewerton Road. Christine Asmus is heard yelling 'get her' and even offering tips as her daughter fights another teen girl.

Sgt. Jon Seeber from the Onondaga County Sheriff's department tells Syracuse.com, "It's disturbing to see that an adult, let alone a parent, could encourage their child to cause physical harm upon another person knowing the outcome could result in serious physical injury or even death"

The mother of the other teen in the fight told Syracuse.com "The mother might as well have been doing that to my daughter because she was allowing it."

The video first appeared on Facebook August 1st. Syracuse.com shared it on their YouTube channel.

Asmus, who is a day care provider is also being investigated by Child Protective Services, according to Syracuse.com.

Read more at Syracuse.com and be advised the video is NSFW.

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