Who says love can't last? Karl and Elizabeth Gfatter have been keeping the love alive since 1941, and they recently renewed their wedding vows in New York.

Actually, the couple has been keeping the love alive for more than 75 years - They grew up in the same apartment building, so they knew each other since they were just young kids. They had their first date together as teenagers, where Karl asked Elizabeth to the ice cream parlor.

In 1941 the couple headed to Virginia and got married. Even though Karl's dad didn't think the marriage was going to last (he even bet them $1000 that it wouldn't), it did. And through thick-and-thin, including Karl serving in the Army in WWII (and being a part of the Normandy Invasion), they made their marriage survive.

To celebrate their 75th anniversary, they renewed their wedding vows at River Valley Care Center in Poughkeepsie where they are residents. The ceremony was complete with decorations that were created by other residents, staff members (as bridesmaids and groomsmen), flowers, and a wedding cake for the end.

Having a marriage last seems like quite a feat these days, but Karl and Elizabeth prove it's possible. Just watch the video above - the way they look at each other, the way they still hold each other's hands - The love is still there... Even after 75 years.

So what's the secret? How does someone make a marriage last that long? Well according to Elizabeth, she says:

Love and honesty and be good to each other.

There you have it! Want to make a marriage or relationship last - Just take Elizabeth's advice. She obviously knows what she's talking about.




[Information From CorbettPRMedia via YouTube]

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