There's mixed news when it comes to new COVID-19 cases in Oneida and Herkimer counties. The virus spread doesn't seem to necessarily be getting worse, but local data shows numbers have plateaued. In other words, they've stopped falling.

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Oneida County reported two new virus deaths in Monday's daily update. The county has now lost 406 residents to the virus since March of 2020. Meanwhile, there were 40 new cases added. As we've noted over the past two weeks, not a huge number - but new positives in Oneida County aren't steadily dropping into the lower 20's and teens.

Factoring in the latest numbers, Oneida County's three-day average for new cases is 33. At the beginning of the month, that average dipped as low as 24, but since has climbed back into the low to mid thirties.

Oneida County did add new hospitalizations in Monday's update. There are currently 23 county residents hospitalized in-county and elsewhere for treatment of the virus. That's a relatively low considering hospitalizations peaked at 191 in early January. However, it's also a slight increase this past weekend's low of 19 - which marked the fewest number of hospitalizations among county residents since the first week of November.

The number of active cases in the county is 460, which has remained virtually unchanged for almost two weeks.

Herkimer County health officials posted a low number of new cases in Monday's report. The new case total was just two. The county also did not report any new virus-related deaths over the weekend or on Monday.

The county's active case total is 68. Of those, just five county residents are in the hospital for treatment of coronavirus symptoms.


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