If you've ever valued a piece of jewelry, or a family heirloom, or some other item or keepsake, you know what it's like or what it would BE like to lose it.

A woman named Jenna Renee feels that empathy, due to a contractor, a boyfriend, a pile of dirt, and a little bit of luck. She's now in possession of someone's high school class ring. And she'd like to return it. So, she took to social media with this message:

Alright, Facebook....do your thing.

My contractor gave me soil from a job he did near Whitesboro High School. While shoveling through it tonight, my boyfriend spotted this class ring. It’s from the graduating class of 1971 and the initials engraved inside are G.P.A.. Owner would be around 67.

Please share as I would like to find the owner or at least one of their family members to give it back to them.

Here's the actual facebook post, along with good photos of the ring:

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Jenna wisely made the post public and it's been shared over 1,000 times, so hopefully the wheels are spinning and something will click.

It's been a long stretch of negativity during this COVID-19 pandemic, and it may stretch on a little while longer. So, it sure would be nice if we could witness a feel-good story and see this ring return to its rightful owner.

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