Do you recognize this ring? A woman found it at Delphi Falls and wants to return it to the owner.

Susan McMullen turned to Facebook to try and find the owner of the woman's ring. "Here's everybody's chance to pay one forward," she wrote. "I'm sure the female owner has made a wish to find her ring and we the people can make this wish come true."

Photo Credit - Susan McMullen
Photo Credit - Susan McMullen

The ring is engraved on the inside. "I'm sure this ring has sentimental value," said Susan.

Susan is asking the owner to describe the engraving before she returns it. "It doesn't matter where you live in New York, I will deliver the ring to you for the safe return."

If you're missing a ring or know the owner, you can contact Susan on Facebook.

"Must I remind you we are New York tough. Let's come together and make this happen."

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