A penny may be almost insignificant to you. You likely think very little if you see a penny on the ground or mindlessly leave a few in the take-a-penny/leave-a-penny tray when you're shopping. But imagine the power of one million pennies and the support it could give the Rescue Missions of Rome and Utica this holiday season. Join us in our quest, our Million Penny Mission.

We have teamed up with Adirondack Bank and Hannaford to raise one million pennies by Christmas to share with our neighbors who receive services from the Rescue Missions of Rome and Utica.

How to Donate

  1. Collect pennies and all loose change from around your house
  2. Clean out your coin jar
  3. Want to donate more than one penny at a time? Great! Each dollar you donate equals one-hundred pennies and makes us even closer to our goal.
  4. Take your donations to one of our Million Penny Mission drop-off locations.

Where to Donate

Adirondack Bank

The following Adirondack Bank locations have donation boxes:

  • 185 Genesee St Utica
  • 2817 Genesee St Utica
  • 136 Oriskany Blvd Whitesboro
  • 1709 Black River Blvd Rome
  • 4697 Commercial Drive New Hartford

The new Commercial Drive Adirondack Bank location features extended hours and is open one hour later than all other branches Monday-Saturday.


Look for the Million Penny Mission kiosks near the check-out of each of these Hannaford locations:

  • Commercial Drive, New Hartford
  • Washington Mills
  • Mohawk Street, Utica
  • Clinton
  • Herkimer

Where Does The Money Go?

All money collected will be totaled and split evenly between the Rescue Mission of Rome and the Rescue Mission of Utica to support their ongoing efforts to assist those in most in need in our communities.

Information on Rome Rescue Mission

  • We serve over 500 families every year.
  • The Rome Rescue Mission, serves over 70,000 meals annually.
  • The Mission provides over 8,000 nights of care to homeless men, women and children annually.

Information on Utica Rescue Mission

In 2013, The Rescue Mission of Utica provided

  • 130,662 hot meals
  • 1,661 food boxes to shut-ins and underprivileged families
  • 8,594 nights of care to 615 men in our Emergency Shelter
  • 1,961 individuals is 14,580 articles of free clothing

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