In a revelation that might comes as somewhat of a surprise to some fans, Motorhead's iconic frontman Lemmy Kilmister has admitted an affinity for Swedish pop band Abba.

"One of my favorite bands is Abba," he told the Huffington Post when asked to share something that would completely surprise readers. Perhaps somewhat less surprising, Lemmy credits rock 'n' roll founding fathers Little Richard and Elvis Presley as having set him on the path he currently walks today.

"I heard Little Richard and Elvis and that was it, you know?" he said in the interview. "Then I went to London because that’s where you had to be in Britain. You can’t do it from anywhere else really. Even the Beatles had to go to London."

Late last month, Lemmy shared how dangerously close he was to death after struggling through a number of different health issues in 2013 that had left many fans wondering how much longer he would be around.

“During my last surgery I was close to death,” he admitted. “It was the only moment I was stalked by the devil called doubt. I wondered if I’d make it. I’m not afraid of death — I often sing about it. So I wasn’t shaking in my bed, but I did have the feeling I wasn’t done yet. I still wanted to do shows and make records. That feeling pulled me through all this.”

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